Robot 6 Picks Outliers



Erik T. Johnson’s The Outliers #1 is a Pick of The Week on Robot 6!

Outliers #1

“As a big fan of Alternative Comics when it was run by founder Jeff Mason, I’m reassured by Outliers that the company is in safe hands with new publisher Marc Arsenault. I’ve had a chance to read an advance copy of Erik T. Johnson’s comic about a friendless boy who makes a connection with a mysterious giant who lives in the woods. It’s the kind of concept that can go a couple of different ways, but Johnson makes it work with strong characters, inventive creature designs, and a brushy style that will please fans of Paul Pope and Sam Hiti. The book is pricy at $5 for the single issue, but Johnson’s designed it as a work of art in itself with metallic-ink covers, high-end paper stock, and a color dust jacket. It’s worth the price and has me eager for more.” – Michael May