william cardini vortexby William Cardini

Welcome to the psychedelic space fantasy cosmos of the Hyperverse, a realm filled with immensely powerful beings who battle over worlds with strange geologies and hoard advanced technologies left by ancient starfarers. Bold, mystical, expertly designed and engrossing – Vortex follows the powerful sorcerer the Miizzzard as he travels to a mysterious planet and battles a strange, regenerating monster. The story gets more complex as the Miizzz finds himself sympathizing with the monster and her kin. Cardini’s art is stylish and stylized in a way that is entirely unique and absorbing, just like the alien beings the Miizzzard interacts with.

136 pages
5.9″ x 9″
B/W with color cover
ISBN: 978-0985415037
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“Goopy alien wizards melt, battle and stab their way from each others’ stomachs in cosmic landscapes forged from bold halftones and thick wacom lines. The contrast between low-res digital textures and organic shapes is a real eyeball melter.” Jack Hayden, Comics Workbook

“Cardini’s most ambitious, eccentric and amusing project to date.” — Rob Clough, High Low