mats asiaddictby Mats!?

This amazing collection of illustrated travel chronicles the bizarre as well as the mundane experiences of a recent trip through Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Wiping off the nostalgic “Shangri-La” mystique off of contemporary monstro-“Cities” like Bangkok; it reveals a more western smeared and embellished recent history…with a few “Bombs” dropped in between…With his flair for details, Mats!? takes us on a journey, littered with landmines , through a landscape of beauty and horror, humor and disbelief.

Witness! “Buddhisneyland” a theme park worthy of Walt’s. Albeit, on ACID!

Fathom! the horror of the “Khmer Rouge.” Follow in the footsteps of the Buddha. Down alleys where the shadows are rarely one’s own!

The text lays it on thick and is hilarious in its infantilism, and is well complemented by the stunning cartoon very tay*(TM) style that infuses it with the immediacy of a newspaper photo.The book is also illustrated with some stunning photography by Peri B.

Asiaddict is exactly the kind of guidebook you would want to read before going on a trip but not the kind of thing you’d ever find in a normal travel guide. Funny, but also really lurid.

96 pages
6″ x 9″
Color and B/W
ISBN: 978-0974271538
January 2006