Rock That Never Sleeps

olga volozova rock that never sleepsby Juliacks and Olga Volozova

Rock That Never Sleeps: Two Stories of Lost Memories

Juliacks and Olga Volozova come up with two stories that intertwine and intersect at the middle. The experience is surreal and mystical. This is immersive comics at their best.

36 pages
9″ x 6″
B/W and sepia, with a color cover



“I’ve written in great detail about these artists and the immersive style of comics they champion. It was fascinating to see them collaborate on a story about memory; in particular, a story about a town where lost memories can be recovered. The two each wrote two separate stories that intertwined in interesting ways, with Volozova contributing one of her usual modern fairy tales and Juliacks writing a science fiction story. What both stories share in common are the hallmarks of that immersive style: a minimal use of negative space, reading the page as parts and whole simultaneously, and an integration of text and image as almost interchangeable parts. Words not only have a decorative quality at times, they also occasionally act as visual structures. It’s an approach that demands a reader’s full investment but also promises an enormously rewarding experience.” Rob Clough, High-Low Comics