Jeff LeVine

Jeff LeVine’s first comic book series, No Hope, was published by Slave Labor Graphics from 1993-96 and ran for nine issues.  LeVine also edited and self-published six issues of the magazine Destroy All Comics.  Slave Labor published an additional five issues.  Lust for Life, his second regular comic book series, was also published by SLG, running for four issues during 1997-8.  In the 2000s, Sparkplug Comic Books published for issues of LeVine’s series Watching Days Become Years.  LeVine’s work can also be found across a series of many self-published mini-comics and in several anthologies.  Extra Time, his latest series, was published starting in 2012.


Extra Time
Watching Days Become Years
It Felt Fine Just to Lose
When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland
Lust for Life
Life Makes My Head Hurt
No Hope