Jason Shiga

jason shigaJason Shiga has been working as a cartoonist for the past 15 years, most well-known for his interactive comic Meanwhile.  He studied mathematics in school and is known for incorporating puzzles, mazes, mathematics, and other unconventional narrative techniques into the physical format of his books.  He is currently creating his most ambitious project to date, the webcomic Demon, a 21 issue, 720 page sci-fi epic available free every day at his website, and to be published in four volumes by First Second starting in October 2016.




Double Happiness
Empire State – A Love Story (or Not)


2014 Ignatz Award winner: Outstanding Series, Demon.
2014 Ignatz Award nominee: Outstanding Webcomic, Demon.
2012 Harvey Award nominee: Best Letterer, Best Inker, Best Writer, Best Artist, Empire State.
2011 Harvey Award nominee: Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers, Meanwhile.
2007 Eisner Comic Industry Award nominee: Best Graphic Album, Bookhunter.
2007 Ignatz Award nominee: Outstanding Graphic Novel, Bookhunter.
2007 Stumptown Comics Award winner: Best Writing, Bookhunter.
2004 Eisner Comic Industry Award nominee: Best Single Issue or One-Shot, Fleep.
2004 Ignatz Award winner: Outstanding Story, Fleep.
2003 Eisner Comic Industry Award winner: Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition.
1999 Xeric Award winner: Double Happiness.


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