Danny Dutch

david king danny dutchby David King

An experimental comic featuring four-panel strips on each page, Danny Dutch is an existential run through the minds of a few sad saps. These friends (boys? men??) have a bunch of emotions. They can dress up like business people and look professional, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t totally sappy and bummed out and confused about why they’re moved by certain things. They are confused by ladies. They don’t know how to act out their violent aggressions. They are children in men’s clothing!

Featuring super-close-up gross out panels like 90s cartoons, David King definitely appreciates some light humor on top of his heavier existential thought. While it does always get dark, this comic is delightful and a good look at what David King can do in four panels.

28 pages
8″ x 8″
B/W with color cover



High-Low Comics