Beef With Tomato

9781934460818by Dean Haspiel

A native New Yorker leaves Manhattan for a fresh start in Brooklyn, only to face a new strain of street logic. A native New York bruiser is fed up with life in the dregs of a drug-addled Alphabet City where his neighbors are shut-ins and his bicycle is always getting stolen. He escapes from Manhattan to make a fresh start in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, only to face a new strain of street logic—where most everything he encounters is not as it seems.

Emmy award-winning artist on HBO’s Bored To Death—Dean Haspiel’s comics include The Fox with Mark Waid, The Alcoholic with Jonathan Ames, and The Quitter with Harvey Pekar.

96 pages
A Hang Dai Editions/Alternative Comics co-production, 2015
6.00 x 9.00 inches
Pub date: 9/15/2015

ISBN: 9781934460818
Diamond code: JUL150911


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