Sunbeam On The Astronaut Box Set

9781934460757by Steven Cerio, Kristin Hersh

A box set of books and disks documenting the artist’s work on Sunbeam on the Astronaut and Magnificent Pigtail Shadow. A box set of books and disks documenting Steven Cerio’s work on the book Sunbeam on the Astronaut and the short film The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow. Includes the complete book and film as well as a full color reproduction of sketchbook drawings and studio photos, and the entire soundtrack to The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow—featuring narration by Kristin Hersh.

Steven Cerio is an artist who has spent over two decades relentlessly documenting a universe devoid of death and decay. A prominent rock poster and magazine illustrator, his work is best known from his ongoing collaboration with San Francisco-based group The Residents.

Pub Date: 8/9/2016
112 pages
Alternative Comics, 2016
Trim: 9.00 x 12.00 inches

ISBN: 9781934460757
Diamond code: FEB150917



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