Steve Lafler

Steve Lafler
Author photo by Jeff Charles

Steve Lafler is a graphic novelist specializing in low brow humor peppered with piercing transcendental revelations about, um, strong coffee and stuff like that. He is best know for the long running series Dog Boy and his Bughouse graphic novels, set in an indigo insect noir Manhattan of the 1950s; Be-Bop is king while a band of buggy musicians struggle with addiction.

Lafler is currently producing a new comic book series for Alternative Comics entitled Death in Oaxaca, tracing the adventures of Rex and Gertie, a couple from Portland, Oregon transported to the magical city of Oaxaca de Juarez in southern Mexico.


Death in Oaxaca #1
Death in Oaxaca #2
(Sex &) Death in Oaxaca #3
Cat Suit
Dog Boy
El Vocho


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