Magic Whistle #10


by Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson is a comic genius, and if you can read “Magic Whistle” without laughing, you are not human. But Henderson also happens to be a shrewd observer of human nature, media cliches, pretension, and teen movies. This issue of the “Magic Whistle” comic series is actually in a larger, graphic novel format — with a color section to boot! In this issue: “Cheers,” “Comics I Remember from Eight Grade,” “Osama Foot Traffic,” “More Cartoons I’m Too Lazy to Send to the New Yorker,” “The Further Adventures of Ass-Crack Jones,” more. Silly, childish, potty-mouthed, very funny. “Look at that guy! He’s listening to music!”



96 pages. Black & white and color comics. Color covers. 

Published by Alternative Comics, 2006

ISBN: 978-1-891867-94-1
Diamond Code: DEC052765
Weight 9.00 oz
Price: $4.95

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