More Mundane

More Mundane — Noah Van Sciver

by Noah Van Sciver

More Mundane began one late September morning with a tiny sketchbook and an impulse. Noah Van Sciver then proceeded to transform the struggles and victories of daily life into a series of quietly poignant revelations interspersed with comedy. More Mundane was printed by the author in an exclusive 100-copy run, and will not be printed again. The digital version was released to all and sundry on Valentine’s day, 2014.

Featured inside: Noah grows a mustache and is teased mercilessly! Famed printmaker Jasmyn Barbosa!

PLUS: Several naps! Parties! Concerts! Anger! Fun! Fun! Fun!

32 digital pages of digital color!

Alternative Comics, 2014

ISBN: 9781934460351


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