At the Shore

At the Shore coverby Jim Campbell

Bernard, Dean and Jorge look forward to some serious Frisbee-tossing and are psyched when Astrid shows up to swim, but Gabi is so freaked out she doesn’t want to leave the car. Why is Gabi demanding they head home before dark? Maybe if anyone paid attention to her childhood tales of seaweed harvesting, they’d know something lurks beneath the waves.

JIM CAMPBELL is a cartoonist, comic book colorist, and animator who is well known for his work on Patrick McHale’s Over The Garden Wall series on Cartoon Network and the Eisner Award-winning comic books from Boom! Studios. Jim has been drawing comics off and on since teaming up with the Meathaüs collective in 2001. He has been a color artist for Dark Horse, Marvel, Spongebob Comics, Mad Magazine, and Tony Millionaire for several years. In his spare time, he plays in the Brooklyn band Paper Fleet.

“The resulting mesh of conflicting tones and genre bending is delightfully unpredictable and off-kilter, and makes me a really fun read. Without being overly saccharine or excessively twee, At the Shore is, without a doubt, the most charming zombie comic on the market today. It’s rewarding read for those of us who enjoy low-key humor and oddball horror.” —Harris Smith, ComiXology

“At The Shore features delightfully bizarre artwork, quirky comedy, a unique style of character development, and an interesting storyline twist.” —Jonathan Lloyd, Punchland

208 page full-color paperback
August, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-68148-518-8
Diamond Code: JUN161075


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