Fantastic Butterflies

by James Kochalka

Tom Devlin provides the graphic design for one of the finest new graphic novels this year. James Kochalka has been called “one of the brightest lights of independent comics” and Fantastic Butterflies is a shining example of his genius. Magic Boy wanders drunkenly through a hallucinogenic nightmare world of Cancer Robots, softball showdowns, dance parties, barbecues, time machines, testicular injury, and cake-baking kung-fu cuties! The graphic novel has twists and turns so bizarre you’ll be shouting out “OH MY GOD!” and scaring your roommates. It also happens to be hilariously funny and infectious in its bubbly charm, combining autobiography with a kind of magic science-fiction.

168 page paperback. Black and white comic. Color covers.

Highwater Books/Alternative Comics, 2002

ISBN: 978-1-891867-18-7
Diamond Code: STAR16427

Weight 14.00 oz
List price: $14.95


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