Rosetta Vol. 2

Rosetta2July 2004 saw the return of the 2003 Harvey and Eisner nominated anthology for yet another offering of comics from various parts of the globe. Rosetta Volume 1 was picked as one of the ten best comics of 2003 by, and Volume 2 is even better. It includes new and previously untranslated works by Edmond Baudoin, Martin tom Dieck, Miriam Katin, Lat, Max, Jason Lutes, Paul Pope, R. Sikoryak, Ted Stearn, Craig Thompson and others. Also in this volume, an overview of Chinese cartoonists Feng Zikai and Liao BinXiong, who represented the leading edge of cartooning in China during the early 20th century.

Underneath covers provided by Peter Kuper and Megan Kelso, Michael Kupperman provides an extended remembrance of the Thirties, Jason Lutes delves deep into experimentation and existentialism; R. Sikoryak finds his life transformed into a comics strip, the Spanish cartoonist, Max, takes a break from his comics sabbatical to present a new direction in his comics art; Craig Thompson discusses the genesis of humanity; Paul Pope contributes a “poem-story” as well as hitherto unseen pages from his manga project at Kodansha; and Miriam Katin charts the life and death of Caspar David Friedrich through a series of paintings. The second volume also presents, for the first time in English, Martin tom Dieck’s seminal story, “Fragments Fugitif” as well as a 26-page short story by Edmond Baudoin.

The creators contributing to the second volume include:

  • Filipe Abranches (Le cheval sans tête, Comix 2000)
  • Edmond Baudoin (Le Portrait, Le Chemin de Saint-Jean)
  • Andrea Bruno (Le cheval sans tête, Black)
  • Santiago Cohen (Drawn & Quarterly, The Fifth Name)
  • Martin tom Dieck (hundert Ansichten der Speichrstadt, Salut Deleuze!)
  • Stefan J. H. van Dinther (Eiland)
  • Anke Feuchtenberger (Happy End, Die Hure H, Somnambule)
  • Jason (Hey, Wait…, The Iron Wagon)
  • Miriam Katin (Drawn & Quarterly, Monkeysuit)
  • Megan Kelso (Non, Artichoke Tales)
  • Peter Kuper (Speechless, World War 3 Illustrated)
  • Michael Kupperman (Snake ‘N’ Bacon)
  • Lat (Kampung Boy, Town Boy)
  • Jason Lutes (Jar of Fools, Berlin)
  • Matt Madden (Odds Off, Exercises in Style, Black Candy, A Fine Mess)
  • Max (The Extended Dream of Mr. D, Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Pedro Nora (Mr. Burroughs, Quadrado, Lisboa 24 H)
  • Paul Pope (THB, Heavy Liquid)
  • Tobias Tycho Schalken (Eiland, Comix 2000)
  • R. Sikoryak (Drawn and Quarterly, Raw, Little Lit)
  • Vincent Stall (King Mini International)
  • Craig Thompson (Goodbye, Chunky Rice, Blankets)
  • Fabio Zimbres (Animal, Le Dernier,Comix 2000)

268 page black and white and color paperback

Alternative Comics, 2004

ISBN: 978-1-891867-62-0
Diamond Code: DEC032046

Weight 20.00 oz
List price: $19.95


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