Sophistication mixes with a global scope better than whiskey and bitters in Rosetta. The following artists contributed to these anthologies:

Rosetta Vol. 1

M. S. Bastian (of the Swiss avant-garde Mutanten group)
Marc Bell (The Expo anthology, Exclaim! and Vice magazines)
Nick Bertozzi (Boswash, The Masochists, Rubber Necker)
Ivan Brunetti (Schizo, Haw)
David Choe (Slow Jams, Non)
David Collier (Collier’s, Just the Facts)
Greg Cook (Catch as Catch Can)
Dave Cooper (Weasel, Crumple)
Renee French (Marbles in My Underpants, The Soap Lady)
Tom Hart (The Sands, Hutch Owen, Triple Dare)
Michael Kupperman (Snake N Bacon)
Ulf K. (The Man on the Moon, Tango with Death)
David Lasky (Boom Boom, Urban Hipster, Ulysses)
Lat (Kampung Boy, Town Boy)
Matt Madden (Black Candy, Odds Off, A Fine Mess)
Miriam Katin (Monkeysuit, Drawn & Quarterly)
Megan Kelso (Queen of the Black Black, Girlhero)
James Kochalka (Sketchbook Diaries, Monkey vs. Robot, Fantastic Butterflies, Peanutbutter & Jeremy)
John Porcellino (King Cat, Perfect Example)
Ron Regé Jr. (Skibber Bee Bye, Drawn & Quarterly)
Tobias Schalken (Eiland)
Katja Tukiainen (New Thing)
Stefan J. H. van Dinther (Eiland)
Sara Varon (Dreamland Burns, Sweaterweather)
Danijel Zezelj (The Corinthian, Air Mexico, WWIII Illustrated)

Rosetta Vol. 2

Filipe Abranches (Le cheval sans tête, Comix 2000)
Edmond Baudoin (Le Portrait, Le Chemin de Saint-Jean)
Andrea Bruno (Le cheval sans tête, Black)
Santiago Cohen (Drawn & Quarterly, The Fifth Name)
Martin Tom Dieck (hundert Ansichten der Speichrstadt, Salut Deleuze!)
Stefan J. H. van Dinther (Eiland)
Anke Feuchtenberger (Happy End, Die Hure H, Somnambule)
Jason (Hey, Wait…, The Iron Wagon)
Miriam Katin (Drawn & Quarterly, Monkeysuit)
Megan Kelso (Non, Artichoke Tales)
Peter Kuper (Speechless, World War 3 Illustrated)
Michael Kupperman (Snake ‘N’ Bacon)
Lat (Kampung Boy, Town Boy)
Jason Lutes (Jar of Fools, Berlin)
Matt Madden (Odds Off, Exercises in Style, Black Candy, A Fine Mess)
Max (The Extended Dream of Mr. D, Drawn & Quarterly)
Pedro Nora (Mr. Burroughs, Quadrado, Lisboa 24 H)
Paul Pope (THB, Heavy Liquid)
Tobias Tycho Schalken (Eiland, Comix 2000)
R. Sikoryak (Drawn and Quarterly, Raw, Little Lit)
Vincent Stall (King Mini International)
Craig Thompson (Goodbye, Chunky Rice, Blankets)
Fabio Zimbres (Animal, Le Dernier,Comix 2000)

Rosetta Vol. 1 — Anthology
Rosetta Vol. 1 — Anthology

Rosetta Vol. 2 — Anthology
Rosetta Vol. 2 — Anthology

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