Meathaus #8: Headgames


Meathaus #8: Headgames — Anthology

Headgames marks the eighth issue for the collection of artists, illustrators and cartoonists that comprise Meathaus. Featuring brand new works by a variety of Meathaus favorites, including Becky Cloonan, Jim Rugg, Jim Mahfood, Nate Powell, James Jean (Fables), Tomer Hanuka (Bipolar), Brandon Graham (Escalator), Jim Campbell (Krachmacher), Tom Herpich (Cusp, Gongwanadon), Dash Shaw (Love Eats Brains) and Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War) and more. Headgames allows the cartoonists to focus their creative energies around a loose theme, providing a compelling structure for innovative storytelling.


256 pages. Black and white with color covers.
Alternative Comics, 2006

ISBN: 978-1-891867-92-7
Diamond Code: AUG06 2932

Weight 16.00 oz
List price: $14.95


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