Alternative Comics 4

Alternative Comics #4Alternative Comics’ flagship anthology returns as a twice-yearly comic with more pages—showcasing the best indie, web and zine artists of today’s underground. Cover art by Mike Bertino (Trigger). Comics by Theo Ellsworth (The Understanding Monster) & Craig Thompson (Blankets, Habibi), Sam Alden (Eighth Grade), James Kochalka (SuperF*ckers), Sam Henderson (Magic Whistle), Noah Van Sciver (The Hypo), Grant Snider (Incidental Comics), Alex Schubert (Blobby Boys), Andy Ristaino (Adventure Time), and Allison Cole (Never Ending Summer). Inkstuds interview with and comics by David Lasky.

48 page black and white comic with color covers.

Alternative Comics, 2013

Print ISBN: 9781934460061
Digital ISBN: 1934460125
Diamond Code: APR130765

Weight 7.00 oz
Price: $5.99



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“In one six-panel page, David Lasky delivers the necessary emotional gut punches this story requires.” –Comics Alliance

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“[Alternative Comics #4] is a solid entry featuring established and promising cartoonists alike.”
– Robert Clough, High-Low

“Without a doubt, this is the best thing I’ve read all week.” – Whitney Matheson, USA Today

“This latest manifestation of the Alternative Comics anthology is packed with material that should not only gain traction with the indie-reading crowd, but also appeal to more general readers interested in something outside of the mainstream.” – Derek Royal, Comics Alternative

“$5.99 grants access to 48-pages of hilarious, concise, and brilliant work from some of the best talent there is in the comic scene today.” – Kevin Cortez, Drawn Words

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