Alternative Comics 3

A spectacular anthology of all-new material crafted by a stellar cast of award-winning cartoonists, including James Kochalka, Gabrielle Bell, Josh Neufeld, Dean Haspiel, King Crab & Joel Orff, David Lasky, Robert Ullman, Derek Sakai, Jen Sorensen, Damon Hurd & Tatiana Gill, and Jed Alexander. Covers by James Kochalka.

In addition, Alternative Comics Presents Free Comic Book Day 2005 contains a pull-out center section highlighting upcoming books for 2005, a complete checklist of Alternative Comics publications, and a list of industry awards & nominations for Alternative Comics books. This gorgeous book is an absolute must for both new readers and longtime fans of independent comics!

32 page black and white comic with color covers

Alternative Comics, 2005

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