The Lodger

lodgerby Karl Stevens

After losing his girlfriend and hip Boston apartment, Karl Stevens moves into a spare room in his painting professor’s home, where his bohemian adventures in sex and boozing converge with the rituals of life with a family and an unruly beagle named Cookie. In a series of humorous, poignant, and gorgeously rendered stories, The Lodger chronicles a tumultuous year in the life of the author as he grows as an artist and a man. Combining comic strips originally published in The Phoenix, Boston’s leading alternative weekly, with exquisite watercolors and oil paintings, The Lodger follows the Xeric-winning and Ignatz-nominated artist s Guilty and Whatever as a penetrating and visually stunning depiction of love, loss, and the moving minutiae of everyday life.

“Warm and heartfelt despite itself, The Lodger is an experimental comic about a less-than-experimental man.” –Publishers Weekly

Nominated for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize

96 page paperback. Color/BxW
Alternative Comics, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-615380-84-1
Digital ISBN: 978-1-934460-15-3
Diamond Code: OCT101049

Weight 12.00 oz
Price: $19.95



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