True Swamp Vol. 2: Underwoods and Overtime


by Jon Lewis

In September 2000 Alternative Comics released Jon Lewis’ followup to his beloved True Swamp, which was one of the biggest independent hits of 1995 and still generates enormous enthusiasm today. True Swamp: Underwoods and Overtime picks up where the original series left off in chronicling the life of Lenny, a self-absorbed but charming young frog who, when not evading the beaks, jaws and maws of the swamp’s many predators, creates plenty of his own problems with his overactive mind. Luckily, Lenny has his good friend Hale Marmot (the swamp’s only inventor) to keep his neuroses from getting the better of him. Then there’s Lenny’s newest acquaintance, Nikolas: a nicer guy you could never hope to meet, but what the heck kind of animal IS he? And is Lenny ever going to find anything resembling a girlfriend? These are just two of the questions driving True Swamp: Underwoods and Overtime. With lushly-rendered artwork, uproarious humor, intricately imagined settings, and striking, inventive page layouts, this new Swamp will envelop the reader even more thoroughly than the old one. (However, familiarity with the previous True Swamp stories is not necessary to read and enjoy True Swamp: Underwoods and Overtime.)

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64 page black and white comic with color covers

Alternative Comics, 2000

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