Slowpoke: America Gone Bonkers

Slowpoke: America's Gone Bonkers — Jen Sorensen

by Jen Sorensen

As seen in the hippest alternative newspapers around the country, it’s Xeric Grant-winning cartoonist Jen Sorensen’s second collection of her brilliant weekly cartoon Slowpoke. Let Mr. Perkins, Little Gus, and the terminally horny Drooly Julie escort you on a grand tour of the New American Century, exposing the lunacy of our leaders and chaos of our cornball culture. Experience this week in geek chic, meet Spongy the Encephalopathic Politicow, and marvel at the strategic ass-sitting program, all rendered with Sorensen’s trademark brand of absurdist humor.

Be forewarned: This book is a bulging cornucopia of perversion and subversion, with big laffs to boot!

112 page black and white paperback with color covers

Alternative Comics, 2004

ISBN: 978-1-891867-78-1
Diamond Code: JUL042537

Weight 11.00 oz
List price: $12.95
Price: $6.95(€6.05)


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