Slowpoke Comix

Slowpoke Comix by Jen Sorensen

Funny girl Jen Sorensen, previously known for her short stories featured in Action Girl Comics, made her solo debut with this surreal and highly entertaining work.

Sorensen opens her book with several amusing shorts, posing her characters — Minnie, Little Gus, and the pointy-headed Mr. Perkins — in a variety of bizarre situations. The hilarious closing story, “Drooly Julie on the Prowl,” explores what happens when the female libido goes haywire, as Julie slyly pursues and eventually gets her paws on a handsome headbanger.

Fans of Sorensen’s altweekly strip won’t want to miss the original comic book where it all began.


24 page black and white comic with color covers

Alternative Comics, 1998
Diamond Code: MAR011785

Weight 5.00 oz
Price: $2.95


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