Slowpoke: Cafe Pompous

Cafe Pompous by Jen Sorensen

Xeric Award-winning Slowpoke: Café Pompous collects the first two years of Jen Sorensen’s alternative newsweekly strip, Slowpoke. Jam-packed with gags, Slowpoke tackles the absurdities of present-day American life with rib-tickling gusto. Uptight Mr. Perkins, jaded Little Gus, and horny Drooly Julie provide a witty commentary on the politics and culture of our times. Do evil scientists succeed in cryogenically freezing Julie’s libido? Find out inside!

64 page black and white paperback with color covers

Alternative Comics, 2001

ISBN: 978-1-891867-02-6
Diamond Code: MAR011785

Weight 8.00 oz
Price: $5.95


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