Dirty Boxes

by Jacob Weinstein

Winner of the Xeric Foundation Grant Award, Dirty Boxes is a graphic novel consisting of three stories. ‘Refuse’ is a post-industrial chutes & ladders game as if designed by Alexander Rodchenko. ‘Cleft Mallet’ places Huckleberry Finn before a cracked rear-view mirror. And finally, ‘Egg-Minus’, stirs Russian legend, vaudevillian comic strip mayhem, and grimy Berlin realism into a meaty gallinaceous cocktail, as three tangentially related narratives, are woven around the motifs of love, betrayal, decapitation, and poultry. Tottering between a belly-laugh and pretentious slush, Dirty Boxes is a stylistic slumgullion with a deliciously hollow center.

96 page paperback
Alternative Comics, 2002

ISBN: 978-1891867118
Diamond Code: AUG011712

Weight 11.00 oz
Price: $6.95


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