by Graham Annable

From the award-winning creator of the Grickle series, comes the story of an eccentric George Stickleback, who spends life in his apartment with his cat Patty surrounded by meticulously arranged men of toilet paper. A mission from the outside world to console a friend imposes an unwelcome break in Mr. Stickleback’s routine.

“Annable’s illustration style, more in tune with animation than with traditional comics art, has a pliability that allows the stories it carries to veer from wild exaggeration to understated pathos at the whim of the artist.”
— The Comics Journal

2002 YALSA Best Graphic Novel for Young Adults nominee2002 Harvey Awards nominee — Best New Talent

48 page 2-color paperback with color covers

Alternative Comics, 2005

ISBN: 978-1-891867-80-4
Diamond Code: SEP042317

Weight 8.00 oz
Price: $6.95


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