Graham Annable

Graham Annable was classically trained as an animator at Sheridan College in Toronto, graduating in 1992, and has worked as an animator ever since, including work on British children’s TV, story boards for Chuck Jones Enterprises, Disney’s A Goofy Movie. Since 1994 Annable has worked on an extended string of computer game projects for LucasArts such as Star Wars: Obi-Wan, Full Throttle, The Dig, Afterlife, Outlaws, The Curse of Monkey Island, and RTX Red Rock.

Graham’s projects have won numerous animation and graphics awards including the ASIFA Annie Award, animation’s highest honor, in 1998 for “Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Interactive Program”. Graham Annable was a 2002 “Best New Talent” Harvey Awards nominee. Graham Annable’s Grickle was nominated for the YALSA 2002 Best Graphic Novel for Young Adults. Graham is also the Editor of and a contributor to the Hickee humor anthology. Graham Annable currently resides in Portland, OR.


Further Grickle
with contributions to:
9/11 Emergency Relief
Alternative Comics #1
Alternative Comics #2
Bogus Dead


Nominated for the YALSA 2002 Best Graphic Novel for Young Adults
Harvey Award- Best Talent- Nomination- 2001


What’s a Grickle? Comic Book Resources- March 9th, 2010