Urban Hipster #1

by Greg Stump and David Lasky

Fresh out of Seattle it’s what the “cool kids” have been waiting for. Two of the hippest young talents in comics have teamed-up to create a book that speaks to their alienated yet powerful generation. Hip young dudes and goth-girls look for love and meaning in a “post-grunge” Seattle.

In “Out of Africa”, Chloe is a cute voyeur who pines for the scenester she watches from across the street. “Lost in Space” introduces Penelope, a lovely space-case who must fight the awkward advances of geeky guys, as well as her own loneliness, while her guitar-hero boyfriend is on the road. From pompous rock stars, to body piercings, to big hair, it’s all here, And it’s “all that.” All systems go!
Nominated for a Harvey Award for Best New

32 page black and white comic with color covers

Alternative Comics, 1998

ISBN: 978-1-891867-31-6
Diamond Code: DEC022415

Weight 6.00 oz
Price: $2.95


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