Never Ending Summer

by Allison Cole

An autobiographical account that follows a group of friends through a summer filled with uncertainty and confusion. Relationships break down between boyfriends, friends, and family, throughout which the author must discover how to maintain a sense of balance. Parties, excessive drinking, and financial instability add to the commotion. Drawn in a beautiful minimal style with delicate 2-color interior, Never Ending Summer reflects upon the immediacy of the present and the potential of events to come.

“Readers will finish this book feeling relieved at having escaped from the claustrophobia of Cole’s universe.” —Publisher’s Weekly

For Mature Readers

96 page black and white paperback with color covers

Alternative Comics, 2004

ISBN: 978-1-891867-66-8
Diamond Code: DEC032044

Weight 10.00 oz
List price: $11.95


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