Adventureblog! recommends Outliers

August 13, 2013 admin 0

Robot 6’s Reviewer Michael May recommends Erik T. Johnson’s The Outliers #1 in his Adventureblog! “The comic is on sale this week (published by Alternative Comics) and […]

New Last Gasp Catalog

August 12, 2013 admin 0

Check out the new Last Gasp comics & graphic novels catalog featuring Failure and several other Alternative Comics titles (along with some great stuff from […]

SPX Magic Whistle #13 Submission

August 12, 2013 admin 0

SUBMISSION: Magic Whistle #13 by Sam Henderson – an SPX debut Sam Henderson’s funny book celebrates it’s 20th anniversary by returning to bi-annual publication! Stories […]

Strum and Drang #1 on Kindle

August 8, 2013 admin 0

Joel Orff’s Strum and Drang #1 from 1993 is now available in a digital edition on Kindle. “Alternative Comics presents the digitally re-mastered edition of […]

Failure Review on the Comics Bulletin

July 24, 2013 admin 0

Review of Karl Stevens’s Failure by Jason Sacks “Karl Stevens’ Failure is a real success. Collecting about 150 freeflowing strips that Stevens created for the Boston Phoenix, Failure is a wonderful […]

ComiXology Releases

July 24, 2013 admin 0

Alternative Comics has four books on ComiXology today: Karl Stevens’ The Lodger, Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle #9 and Joel Orff’s Waterwise and Strum and Drang: […]