Alternative Comics Expands Comic Book Direct Market Offerings


Alternative Comics Expands
Comic Book Direct Market Offerings

Indy Magazine Re-Launched

Floating World Comics, Hic and Hoc Publications, Revival House Press, Study Group Comics, Hang Dai Editions & Manx Media
Join Alternative Comics Publishing Co-Op
February 18, 2015, Cupertino, California
Alternative Comics is proud to announce that we are now the home to books from Floating World Comics, Hic and Hoc Publications, Revival House Press, Study Group Comics, Hang Dai Editions, and Steve Lafler’s Manx Media. Alternative Comics has been a co-operative organization of independent comic book editors, publishers and artists since 1993. The February issue of Diamond Comics Distributions’ Previews features eight new titles from Alternative Comics for April, 2015 release. It is avaialble now.

Alternative Comics is the home to some of the finest creator-owned graphic novels and comic books. We bring the best indie comics to the comic book direct market through Diamond Comic Distributers and to book stores through Consortium Book Sales and Distribution. We hope to continue bringing you the finest indie comics from all corners of the comics world. The February Diamond Previews features eight titles from our publishing partners, and the March issue features ten more.

Alternative Comics distributed Revival House Press’s comics throughout 2014, including the very popular Vile Decay by Malachi Ward and Hawd Tales #1 by Devin Flynn. As recently announced, Alternative Comics will be co-publishingh Hang Dai Editions books later in 2015. Steve Lafler’s Manx Media titles have been distributed by Alternative Comics for several months.

“The “distribution problem” is a topic that many small publishers have been talking about for a few years. There’s a lot of quality small press material that does very well at my shop. I know these books could be successful at hundreds of more shops around the country if they could just make the connection with these markets. Many of these stores don’t like to do 1 to 1 with smaller publishers, it’s easier to just order from Diamond or a couple big distributors. Now that Alternative Comics has started teaming up with some of these small presses we’re going to start seeing a lot more great books to choose from in the Previews catalog and this will be good for everyone.” — Jason Leivian, Floating World Comics

I am elated to take part in this new venture. As an admirer (and friend) of my fellow publishers the opportunity to merge our collective talents, to ‘form like Voltron’ if you will, was not one I would deign to pass up.” — David Nuss, Revival House Press

Alternative Comics was founded by Jeff Mason in the late 1990s, initially to publish Indy Magazine. The original print edition lasted 18 issues. It was revived as a digital publication. Under Bill Kartalopoulos, Indy Magazine became the first online publication to be nominated for Eisner and Harvey awards. This month the magazine has been revived for a third volume as a showcase for Alternative Comics publications and is distributed to comic shops nationwide, and is also available in a digital edition.

Indy Magazine volume 3 number 1 is free to read on

About Floating World Comics
Floating World Comics is a store for people who still like going to stores. We’re a bookstore that just happens to carry the coolest books of all – comics. But also art books, international art magazines, graphic design, illustration, animation, music and movie related items, anything that might serve as inspiration for creative people looking for something new. We’re also a gallery with First Thursday art openings and in 2008 we branched out into publishing. We’ve published over twenty books, art newspapers and comics including the resurrected Arthur Magazine.

About Hang Dai Editions
HANG DAI Editions was founded in the Fall of 2013 in NYC by Gregory Benton, Dean Haspiel, and Seth Kushner over their mutual dedication to comix art. The imprint focuses on limited edition comix, graphic novels, and art books, with an emphasis on personal interaction at events, conventions, and signings. Josh Neufeld joined HDE in 2014. HANG DAI Editions – creator owned, independently-produced signature works.

About Hic & Hoc Publications

Publisher of illustrated psychedelic comedies and tragi-comedies since 2012. Based in Montclair, New Jersey.

About Revival House Press
Revival House has been one of the prestige small press comics imprints for over half a decade, presenting new works from Ted May, Mike Bertino, Chris Cilla, Devin Flynn and many others.

About Study Group Comics
Study Group Comics is the premier location for indie comics on the web and the print publisher of many fine comic books. Operated by founder Zack Soto with Francois Vigneault and Shanna Matuszak. Study Group is based in Portland, Oregon.
Alternative Comics is an independent publisher of creator-owned graphic novels and comic books based in Cupertino, California. The company was founded by Jeff Mason in Gainesville, Florida in 1993. Alternative Comics’ creators and books have been nominated for and won multiple comics and publishing industry awards. Our books are distributed by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution and our comics are distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.


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