Study Group Magazine #4


Zack Soto & Milo George, editors

Adventure calls in this massive tribute to all things fearless and fantastic! Featuring work by Farel Dalrymple, Ed Wheelan, Lark Pien, Noah Van Sciver, Adrea Kalfas, Benjamin Marra, Ian Chachere, Dylan Horrocks, and many more! Includes comics, art, articles, interviews, and a playable board game! Cover art by Levon Jihanian.

Diamond Code: MAR161024
ISBN: 978-1-68148-004-6

In stores: May, 2016

80 page full color magazine


PrintStudy Group Magazine #4 Deluxe Edition

In addition to the magazine, this exclusive Deluxe Edition includes a playable Danger Country RPG by Levon Jihanian (Over the Garden Wall) and a GM screen with art by Benjamin Marra (Terror Assaulter OMWOT)!

Diamond Code: MAR161025
ISBN: 978-1-68148-010-7