Kinoko Evans

KinokoPortraitHi! I am Kinoko Evans.

I am an illustrating, cartooning, printmaker in love with research and drawing.

My appreciation for history and critical theory have been the inspiration for much of my work, including a self published, complete graphic retelling of The Epic of Gilgamesh 2014 and Primary Thought; a comic about the history of education. Presently, I live in the Pacific Northwest, illustrating, print making, creating comics, and teaching art and comics workshops.

I’m ambitious about tackling new mediums. I love applying my characters and narratives to print, publication, murals, apparel, housewares, stationary, etc. Each project is an exciting new adventure for me to enchant with my playful magic.

Got an Idea? Let’s talk! :3
contact: kinokoevans AT


Magical Character Rabbit
The Epic of Gilgamesh