Ritual #3: Vile Decay


by Malachi Ward

In this stand-alone science fiction tale from Malachi Ward (Prophet, The Scout, Best American Comics) an old woman recounts to her grandson, from the safety of a virtual seaside computer program, how she thinks the world went bad. Printed in two colors of cream felt paper. A Revival House Press production distributed by Alternative Comics.

24 page 2-color comic book.
ISBN: 978-1-934460-41-2
June, 2014


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Impressive stuff. Check it out.” — Frank Santoro, The Comics Journal [review contains major spoilers]

“Ward is an interesting artist who uses a mixture of organic pencil lines, subtle digital effects and an unusual 2-color printing process on oversized, high-quality paper that makes this a book you’ll want to spend some time trying to figure out.” — Rich Barrett, mental_floss

“There are some great scarcely used comic book storytelling techniques that draw your attention away from the dialogue and more towards the cartooning, letting you contemplate the characters rather than tell you their life stories. The art is the real star here though, with absolutely jaw dropping pencils. The art ranges from fairly undemanding cartooning to incredibly detailed background architecture made up of thousands of ultra thin, smooth lines. It’s a real visual treat, and a conceptually challenging read, and for that I would highly recommend! Rating: A” — The Splash Page, GeekRex

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