Hawd Tales #1

HawdTales-WebCoverby Devin Flynn

Q: What is it to be HAWD? 

Welcome to Reynolds Flats, an inner city project nestled in the armpit of Burnt Reynolds, New Jenkem City U.S.A.  and home to our three protagonists: Guy Albino, Flybot Van Damme, and Duke Crapmore, (not to be confused with King Crapman from the TV commercials, that’s his dad).

Three low budget gankstuh rappuhs on the come up who claim to be “HAWD” (and have also been on the “come up” for the past 13 years…)

In this their first and particularly HAWD tale, Flybot is missing. Last seen fleeing a mugging where he was allegedly “punched naked” by his intended victim. His current whereabouts are unknown..In other unrelated news, Guy Albino is still burrowing deep underground due to a botched prison break. My question is who is taking care of the Duke? The manchild is not to be left alone for very long lest he “touch” something.. Last time he “touched” something the whole neighbor hood population turned up missing. He told the judge he didn’t want to move, but he wanted new neighbors. Good thinking dummy…..

Hawd Tales began as a 4  panel strip in VICE magazine way back before they were sneaking into foreign countries to film public mass-circumcisions.

From Devin Flynn, the animation genius behind Y’all So Stupid and contributor to Wonder Showzen, Yo Gabba Gabba and Mad TV.

A Revival House Production distributed by Alternative Comics.

32 page black and white comic with color covers
ISBN: 978-1-934460-62-7
Diamond code: JUL140775

In stores September 24, 2014


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