Sun Bakery #1

by Corey Lewis

Introducing Sun Bakery: a one-man Shonen Jump-esque comics anthology from Sharknife creator, Corey Lewis. Each 48 page issue is jam packed with robo space adventure, paranormal skateboarding, breakdancing, and social swordplay. This landmark first issue debuts four new stories: “Dream Skills,” “Arem,” “Bat Rider,” and “Freeze.”

48 page full- color comic book

A Press Gang production April, 2016

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From the artist’s mouth: “It’s hard to describe the potential of what the series means to me, but basically I feel it will be the most ultimate thing I’ve ever done in Comic Books. I hope you join me for this wild ride… I feel the series will start modestly enough but as it goes on I will be introducing some crazy, crazy things.

“NOTES: “FREEZE” actually won’t be in this first issue. Our plan is to serialize the original PENG kickball story before I start running all the cool PENG-related side stories (Freeze, breakdancing story– STALL, hacky sack story)

“I did a kickstarter for a self-published version of Sun Bakery a few years ago that I now call Sun Bakery #0– the content in that issue is totally unrelated to the all-new content in #1!!!!” —Corey Lewis [originally posted on tumblr]

Variant covers:


Jim Mahfood 5 Copy Incentive Variant Cover

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Paul Pope 25 Copy Incentive Variant Cover
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“This is a comic that reads like what would happen if you took a poorly translated shonen manga, threw it in a blender with the Cannon Films library, and then poured the resulting liquid into a Sega Dreamcast that was somehow hooked up to a large format printer, and I mean that in the best way possible.” — Chris Sims, Comics Alliance

“Another type of anthology here, the classic one-artist-show. But since the artist in question is shōnen speed stylist Corey Lewis, the mind drifts from Eightball to a Japanese comics magazine, albeit one that’s 48 pages long and extremely focused on activity.” — Joe McCulloch, “Spotlight Pick” – The Comics Journal