Me Likes You Very Much

MeLikesYouVeryMuchBy Lauren Barnett

The best of five years of Lauren Barnett’s always hysterical daily webcomic Me Likes You. It has a lot of swear words and there’s at least one animal on a scooter.

Lauren Barnett is a comic artist and painter who currently lives in Denver, Colorado. Her first book, Me Likes You Very Much (Hic & Hoc Publications) was nominated for a 2012 Ignatz Award.

“Lauren Barnett’s comics are like that nonsensical joke you made in your head right before you fell asleep and it was the funniest thing ever but you couldn’t remember when you woke up and were sad all day. Then Lauren drew the joke for you and, much to your delight, it was just as funny as you originally thought” — Julia Wertz, The Infinite Wait

“Barnett’s comics are charming, self-deprecating and crudely enthusiastic. She has a particular talent for depicting both the absurd and quotidian, finding the essence of humor in both.” — Robert Clough, The Comics Journal

192 pages
A Hic & Hoc Production, April 2012
Trim: 8.9″ x 6″

ISBN: 978-0-615609133


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