Why Would You Do That?

WhyWouldYouDoThatby Andrea Tsurumi

Why Would You Do That? is a collection of comics by cartoonist and illustrator ANDREA TSURUMI. Finding the absurd in everything from poodles and sports fans to pie and the Civil War, Tsurumi plays with what’s strange and funny about the familiar.

ANDREA TSURUMI is a cartoonist and illustrator from New York whose work has appeared in the New York Times, The Nib, Spongebob Comics, The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature, and Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, among other places. Her comics “Andrew Jackson Throws a Punch” and “Yup/Nope” received a MoCCA Award of Excellence and a Society of Illustrators’ silver medal, respectively. The Best American Comics series chose her mini-comic “Dance Party” for its 2013 notables list. A graduate of SVA’s MFA Illustration program, she likes her ice cream angry.

“There’s plenty of fun in watching the unfolding of the secret history of poodles or the eternal battle of cake vs. pie. The humor is more playful than biting, but even the slightest ideas are made enjoyable by the artist’s outstanding pen-and-ink linework.” Publishers Weekly

“Tsurumi has made her name in comics and illustration through celebrating the humor of the macabre and the adorable, and her work is often metamorphic in nature . . . Let me warn you in advance that if you are going to read Tsurumi’s books, your dream-life will probably never be quite the same again.  They work their way into the subconscious like a power drill.”—Hannah Means-Shannon, editor-in-chief at Bleeding Cool

“Andrea stretches her muscles in this collection of surrealistic, dream-like humor cartoons. One of the things I  love about her work is that it usually hints at a deeper place below the surface where humor slides into horror and abstraction. It is brave, poetic cartooning. She is from a new crowd of cartoonists whose work escapes easy classifications and that will be seen  as essential to this era’s cartoon landscape.”—Josh Bayer, cartoonist and editor of Raw Power and Suspect Device

“… a hilarious and bizarre satire on the arbitrary nature of sports fandom.” — Rob Clough, High-Low

64 pages
A Hic & Hoc Production, April 2016
Trim: 6 3/8″ X 8 1/2″
Pub date: April 18th, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-68148-102-9


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