T. Edward Bak

tedwardbakbiophotoT Edward Bak is a North American cartoonist who has taught and lectured comics classes at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, Portland Community College and Pacific Northwest College of Art. He was a recipient of the 2007 Fellowship award for the Center for Cartoon Studies, and is the author-artist of the award-nominated comic strip collection, Service Industry. His stories have been featured in various critically-acclaimed anthologies, including The Graphic Canon, The Best American Comics, MOME, Drawn & Quarterly Showcase, Studygroup 12 and Orchid.




Island of Memory

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“I’ve Been Headed Here My Whole Life” – An Interview with T Edward Bak by François Vigneault

“Heading to the ISLAND OF MEMORY” – Newsarama interview with T Edward Bak

A link to more information and art from Island of Memory is here.