The Caterer #3

TheCaterer-coverby Steve Aylett

One of the strangest comics that ever existed! Described by Alan Moore as “the holy barnacle of failure,” The smirking Jack Marsden became a cult figure and role model for enigmatic idiots in the mid-70s. His style and catchphrases were such an insider code that hundreds of people got beaten up by baffled or enraged onlookers. Floating World Comics has teamed with Lint biographer, Steve Aylett, to present a reprint of Issue 3: this stand-out issue includes the beginning of Marsden’s goat obsession, a fierce appearance by the ghostly Hoston Pete, a great example of the Marsden “stillness,” and no less than four classic Marsden hallucinations. Includes pull-out poster.
32 page full color comic
A Floating World Comics production, 2015
Pub date: March, 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9886624-8-3
Diamond code: MAR150860



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