Floodgate Companion

floodgate-companion-coverby Robert Beatty

Floodgate Companion is Robert Beatty’s debut monograph, a cosmic and immersive artifact from the renowned album cover artist. Comprised of previously unseen artwork recalling the heyday of paperback sci-fi, experimental animation, and the outsider realm of artist-released jazz and psychedelic records, this book brings the viewer into a world uniquely Beatty’s own, moving stylistically through ink drawings, digital airbrush paintings, and psychedelic op-art collage framed in asemic type to create a cosmic and immersive artifact.

112 page 7.5″ x 10.5″ Full color Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-942801-98-6
September 13, 2016



“It’s that sort of artwork which looks like it was never made by anyone, it simply exists in its own realm.” —Paul Pope, Battling Boy

“Airbrushed insanity.” —Daniel Lopatin, Oneohtrix Point Never

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