The Yankee #1

11794402_893930397352853_571598885276989455_oby Jason Leivian and Ian MacEwan

The Yankee is a dumb American. He’s Cosmo Vitelli. He’s Prince Rogers Nelson. He’s a Richard Pryor monologue Psychedelic-economic fiction set in the Nation States of America. Reality is just a part of your brain. The part that you can touch. Features visionary artwork by Ian MacEwan (Prophet, Sex, The Tomorrows).

“Leivian provides a story reminiscent of Grant Morrison at his most psychedelically stream-of-consciousness. And then, on top of that there is MacEwan’s art. While Leivian writes the hell out of an odd story, MacEwan draws the hell out of every panel, with a style that looks something like if Paul Pope drew for 2000AD comics.” – Atomic Books

48 Pages, Black and White, Comic
A Floating World Comics production, 2015
August, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-942801-90-0
Diamond code: JUN140774



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