Sunbeam on the Astronaut

Sunbeam on the Astronautby Steven Cerio

(Print edition Spring 2015. Digital edition out now!)

A long awaited book of short comics by artist/filmmaker Steven Cerio, who in the 80′s helped spearhead the psychedelic revival in NYC. The purely hallucinatory digest you’ve searched for is here, done in Cerio’s unique cross pollination of tripping visions and skittering twee. Miraculous poetic narratives and free form meditations that owe as much to the ghost of Arthur Rimbaud as Captain Beefheart. Detailed tales lushly illustrated in his varying approaches used for commercial clients (Nickelodeon, Warner Bros etc.) and music acts (The Residents, Moe., Les Claypool, Ministry etc). Included are previously unreleased stills of Cerio’s characters from his various films with top-hatted eyeball performance greats The Residents, a dozen short narratives, a collection of paintings and collages and stills from his newest film The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow.

48 pages/black and white guts/full color cover

ISBN: 9781934460238