The Big Feminist BUT


Edited by Shannon O’Leary and Joan Reilly

The Big Feminist BUT: Comics about Women, Men and the IFs, ANDs & BUTs of Feminism is a comics anthology that asks: What do we really mean when we say, “I’m not a feminist, BUT…” or “I am 100% a feminist, BUT…” What do our great big “BUTs” say about where things stand between the sexes in the 21st Century? We asked some of the most talented ladies (and gentlemen) working in comics and animation today, along with some of the smartest writers we know including Lauren Weinstein, Jeffrey Brown, Sarah Oleksyk, Gabrielle Bell, Justin Hall, Ron Rege Jr., Vanessa Davis, Josh Neufeld, Andi Zeisler, Angie Wang, Ulli Lust (winner of the 34th annual Los Angeles Times Book Prize for graphic novels/comics) and a whole lot more, to “but” into the heated discussion about the much more level but still contradictory playing field both sexes are struggling to find their footing on today.

ISBN: 9780615789385
Diamond Code: JAN140836

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“One of the great strengths of this book: that no matter where you’re coming from, you’re bound to find an idea or two in here that are surprising or unexpected. And while none of the stories are preachy—many, in fact, are quite the opposite—you could easily find yourself considering some alternative points of view.” -Sean Kleefeld, Freaksugar